At Banco BASE we offer comprehensive advice to our users and clients, through highly qualified advisors who are committed to the service.

  • Personalized Guidance for Our Clients.


At Banco BASE, we provide comprehensive guidance to our users and clients through highly qualified advisors who are dedicated to exceptional service.


  • Business Banking Advisor


Our main goal is to assist clients in finding the product that best suits their company's financial needs. We possess in-depth knowledge of financing products and the ability to interpret legal and financial information, thereby enhancing our responsiveness to our clients' credit requests.


  • Specialized Banking Advisor


As a Specialized Banking team, our goal is to guide clients in obtaining the most competitive exchange rates when negotiating currency transactions. We leverage our expertise to facilitate quick and secure operations.


  • Personal Banking Advisor


Our aim is to increase the wealth of our individual clients and to grow the capital of companies with surplus funds in their treasury. We safeguard our clients' interests by offering them the best investment opportunities available.